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Did the Insurance Company Make a Fair Offer?

Truck Accident Injury Lawyers

This is a very common question, one we hear probably more often than any other question. You’ve been in a car wreck and the insurance company has offered you a settlement (often before you talk to an attorney) and you wonder if it’s a fair and reasonable offer. It may seem like a lot of […]

Join Team Hotz as we Fight Hunger

Help team Hotz reach our goal of $500 raised in this year’s Virtual Food Drive for Second Harvest Food Bank. $500 will provide 1500 meals to those in need! Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee supported the 7 Feeding America food banks in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey as well as the food banks […]

Do I Have a Case?

Chances are that at some time in your life, maybe (but hopefully not) even a few occasions, you will experience something bad, some kind of harm that you didn’t cause, that makes you ask this question. Do I have a case? You may not consider yourself to be a litigious person. Maybe you’ve tried to […]


No Headphones While Driving

  One of the most common ways people sustain a personal injury is to be involved in a car wreck.  It will most likely happen to all of us at least once in our lifetime, but there are steps you can take to avoid dangerous accidents.  We’ve all heard about “distracted driving” and we usually […]

Personal Injury

car wreck lawyers

Although businesses try to ensure a safe environment within the workplace, it is still a common place for personal injuries to occur. Workplace injuries can occur in the most unexpected ways. For example, if you are reading a document while walking to your co-worker’s office and fall, or walk into the community kitchen and slip […]

Everyday Solutions

Everyday Solutions

We’ve recently had the pleasure of being regular contributors to the “Everyday Solutions” program on Knoxville’s WVLT Television. Airing weekdays, this program offers helpful tips to those in our community, and our own Gary Adkins has become a regular part of their program, offering a myriad of tips to viewers. Covering topics such as “what […]