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At Bill Hotz & Associates, we have dealt with hundreds of motorcycle accident cases over the many years we have been serving the Knoxville, TN area. Motorcycle accidents can be incredibly serious because motorcyclists do not experience the same sort of protection that people in a car or a truck would have. As you well know, motorcycle riders are much more likely to be injured in a serious accident.

Because motorcycle riders do not have the same protection of a larger vehicle, oftentimes their accidents lead to serious or even fatal physical injuries.

Many times, in fact most of the time, motorcycle crashes are caused when other motorists neglect to see the motorcycle. A professional, experience Tennessee motorcycle accident attorney can help you navigate the complicated claim process and can help you get every penny you deserve for your injuries and pain and suffering.

Bill Hotz and Associates – Knoxville Attorneys

When you work with Bill Hotz and Associates, we will help you or your loved one recover from the serious damages and losses you sustained resulting from your motorcycle accident. After a serious motorcycle accident, you should be able to recover damages for:

Lost Wages
Loss of the enjoyment of your life
Medical bills
Future medical bills
Loss of benefits
Pain and Suffering
Mental Anguish

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