Knoxville, TN Truck Accident Injury Attorneys

truck wreck injury attorney in Knoxville, TNMost truck drivers are skillful and safe. Most, but not all.

Some trucking companies put profits first and safety second. How many times have you had close calls on the Interstate with big trucks? Is there anything scarier than coming up on stopped traffic when an 18-wheeler is tailgating you?

If you or a loved one have sustained a truck accident injury, Bill Hotz and Associates, Knoxville’s Truck Wreck Attorneys, are here to help you. In this electronic, computerized age in which we live, crucial evidence may be lost or “disappear” if time is wasted. GPS, black box and other computerized information that we can subpoena from the trucking company can tell us how long the truck driver had been on the road, how fast it was going, whether the trucking company had violated DOT regulations, and much more.

Make your fight with big trucking and big insurance fair. We know how to fight the fight and we know your rights. All of them.

The truck wreck attorneys at Knoxville’s Bill Hotz and Associates have helped hundreds of truck wreck victims. You need an experienced truck wreck lawyer working for you!

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