Injured in a Wreck or Accident? We Come to You.

You’ve heard it before: Time is money. If you’ve been injured in a car wreck, truck accident, or in another incident caused by someone else’s carelessness, you need an experienced personal injury attorney from Knoxville’s Bill Hotz & Associates working for you RIGHT NOW. Call, email, text or chat with us, and by this time tomorrow, we will be working for you!

Why the urgency? Because we need to gather the evidence to prove your case, evidence like:
•  expert photographs of the scene, including skid marks before they fade
•  expert photographs of vehicle damage before they are destroyed or repaired
•  eyewitness accounts before they forget or can’t be reached
•  black box event recordings from vehicles
•  injury documentation and photographs

We Are Your Accident Injury Lawyers in Knoxville, Tennessee

Call, chat, email or text us right now! The car wreck attorneys will explain your rights and begin working for you within 24 hours. Guaranteed! We will even come to your home, office or the hospital anywhere in the greater Knoxville, Tennessee area. There is no cost to contact us (consultations are free), so don’t wait! Remember: Time is money! Call the experienced car wreck, truck wreck, and personal injury lawyers at Bill Hotz and Associates today!

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